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Gauravi Jadhav

I am on a mission to help 100,000 women achieve personal mastery using self-transformative journaling techniques.

Gauravi Jadhav​

Gauravi Jadhav is an author, educator and coach who is on a mission to help 100,000 women achieve personal mastery using self-transformative journaling techniques. Having been through many traumatic experiences and successfully overcoming them she is determined to get the same results for her clients. In her 15 years of experience as an educator she has worked with hundreds of women and fellow educators sharing her understanding of education and self-healing practices.
She strongly believes in humanity, her values include transformative healing, gratitude, family, freedom, service and contribution. She believes in the power of clear intentions and the human mind’s infinite potential to bring imagination into reality. She is based in Mumbai where she lives with her husband and kids. She loves travelling, reading, writing, playing and laughing with her family.

You Can Heal Your Past – Forgiveness Mastery Guide for a Life of Ultimate Freedom

“Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.” – Nelson Mandela “Without forgiveness, there’s no future.” – Desmond Tutu. Imagine a life that is filled with magical possibilities without anything holding you back! If you are looking for a life of ultimate freedom from your past shackles then this book is for you. If you are looking for a deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself and your loved ones then this book is for you. If you are someone who finds it difficult to forgive or seek forgiveness then this book is definitely for you. In You Can Heal Your Past, the author shares a simple 3 step forgiveness mastery system that will skyrocket your personal well being, bringing more peace and happiness in every area of your life.

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Some 5 star reviews of the book in amazon

An awesome lovely book…a must read for all. Heart touching. Best wishes to Author Gauravi Jadhav for her author journey and looking forward to read more from her next book.
Bharadwaj Shringi
Bharadwaj ShringiAmazon Verified Purchase
Forgiveness Power!
Like the stoics! Easing life through Forgiveness .The author emerges out a winner, taking charge of her life,erasing all the guilt and sadness that caused pain and decay.The book suggests Forgiveness plan to make life easy for humans.Overall a great read that keeps you positive and pumps confidence to treat life well.
Sunil Kumar DubeyAmazon Verified Purchase
Forgiveness is a crucial factor in leading happy life .Really appreciate the efforts put in to create this kind of awareness.
Manisha kumbhar Amazon Verified Purchase
Wonderful simple techniques of healing oneself from past emotional traumas. The Author Gauravi Jadhav has explained very well about forgiveness and journalling.
RKRAmazon Verified Purchase
Very nicely written.
Wishing all the best to the author ❤ ????..
Author is a good human being.. must read.
Sudhir makhijaAmazon Verified Purchase

Happy Faces of Happy Students

Power journaling not only keeps your heart and mind lite but also helps you to streamline your thoughts by applying simple techniques and helps you to achieve your goal. Gauravi is a person with purpose and a cheerful coach who can teach you with ease and helps you transform. I highly recommend her for her outstanding work in empowering people..
Anusha Boddu
Anusha Boddu Associate Manager, Reputed IT Company
The course of Power Journaling is very effective and empowering. Gauravi is an energetic and motivating facilitator. Sharing her personal experience makes the course very real and relatable. She shares insights she has gained from her learning which has benefited me. The course will benefit you to know yourself and channelize your energy in a positive direction. It will make you grow and heal in your thoughts and relationships. It will help you declutter your turmoil and make you feel at peace with yourself and others. I highly recommend this course to all individuals who want to see a positive change in the trajectory of your life. Thank you for introducing me to the impactful world of journaling.
Ami Gada
Ami GadaHuman and Child Development lecturer
I must express the value this course “Power Journaling”, brought to my life. Writing every day is difficult but I did it, with the help of Gauravi, and in doing so, it rewarded me with a great sense of self awareness. The one on one session was fantastic, as it enabled me to learn about myself, and as much as in an environment, where I was able to work with my pace. I would like to thank Gauravi for her Support. Gauravi, your course was challenging and you were always there for me and everyone to clear our doubts. I request everyone ????, kindly join the course. It’s for your growth and focus. You automatically become more committed towards your goals. Thank you once again Gauravi ❤️ More Power To You….
Annu Yadav
Annu YadavWellness coach
Power Journaling has helped me immensely in mainly 3 areas of my life. 1. Habit tracking. 2. Affirmations and 3 my day to day activities I was actually struggling with these 3 aspects of my life and power journaling has helped me to bring these 3 important aspects of my life back on track. Right now I’m benefiting a lot because of affirmations which I have not only pasted in my hall but also in my bathroom and habit tracking is helping me immensely in removing all my bad habits and getting back on track with all the good habits, so I’ll highly recommend this course to all of you to surely going to benefit for sure. Do go for it. Thank you.
Mariamma Charles
Mariamma Charles Pharma professional
I always journaled but never on a regular basis. The Power Journaling Course by Gauravi helped me set clear SMART goals in the 3 main areas of my life: Health, Wealth and Relationships. The video guidance and one-on-one meetings were enriching and encouraging experiences for me. Gauravi has given me access to so many amazing resources, reference materials and ideas to overcome challenges in my journaling journey. Grateful for all the support, guidance and motivation to continue this amazing habit of journaling. This course will benefit everyone – who have not tried journaling, who are toying with the idea of journaling, and who have been journaling. There is just the right amount of handholding, guidance, and a lot of freedom and choice for the participants who do the course. 
Rinku Gala
Rinku GalaEducator
It was an amazing experience for me to have attended Gauravi’s Power Journaling 3-day course. Learnt in a step by step way through 12 videos and various worksheets and activities as to what is Journaling, how Journaling helps in achieving Success, how goals are important in three areas of your life like health, wealth and relationship. Had a one to one session to clarify my goals in all three areas. Have taken the 30-day challenge of writing my affirmations, gratitude and goals daily. Have started feeling powerful and am sure this course will help me empower myself. Thank you, Gauravi for the lovely takeaways. Would highly recommend this course to each and every one as Power Journaling gives you clarity and power to your goals. It has given me the clarity and am sure it will help you too. Read your book yesterday and am in awe of your strength to be so brave to share it with everyone and to have bounced back to life despite all the setbacks. Like you say, the Past is dead and gone. What you are NOW is what matters. More POWER and STRENGTH to your dear in your journey of empowering others. Wishing you the best. ????????????????????????
Uma Nataraj
Uma NatarajSpoken English Trainer, Mysore.
Journaling is a small step towards transforming life by writing down thoughts and feelings that you are grateful for … I am the subject I know best and journaling helps as a great source of comfort and support. One-month course with Power transformation works wonders. It focuses on 3 areas: health, wealth and relationships. Weekly once live sessions are very interactive. Spending time and money for a month with Gauravi Swapnil Jadhav is 100% worth it. I would definitely recommend others to join a month-long course to transform their thinking process and growth in life.
Ruchi Khandelwal
Ruchi KhandelwalFounder – Human Resource ,Argus Solutions, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Before joining this course, my life was going without any goals, there was no fun, enjoyment. Now, I would like to share my experience after joining the power Journaling. I am truly blessed to be a part of this programme. I got to know many new things. Especially how to live a life in a better way. Initially I felt good while only listening to the videos but when I had to write something on daily basis that was a hectic part. But after a while I realized the change and improvement in myself. I am really amazed to see the change. And this programme is not only meant for the people who fight against their struggles and problems but I would like to recommend this power Journaling programme for everyone who wants progress, success and happiness in their lives. This would also help them in terms of health, wealth and relationships. And I also want to add here, one must have goals in their life and continuous practice of gratitude and affirmations on daily basis as it helps to reach our goals and achieve what we want in our life. One most important thing I learnt and am inspired by this quote, “what we think, that we become”. My sincere thanks and gratitude towards Gauravi Jadhav, I am really so proud of you for doing such a great job, transforming individuals and changing lives for a better cause.
Thank you so much once again! Lots of love!!! And more power to you!!!
Vani Gundeti
Vani GundetiTeacher and Avid learner, Mumbai