Power Journaling Formula (main course)

In this easy 3 day course you will learn the basics of journaling, how to get started on this powerful habit and how to make it part of your life so that you can form achievable health, wealth and relationship goals. You will also learn about different forms of Journal practice and an easy way to create your own journals.

Repurpose life Blueprint

In this mini course you will learn the step by step process of finding your life purpose and designing your life’s mission and reason to be.

Magic Relationships Blueprint

 In this course you will learn a step by step process on solving any relationship problem, explore the power of self love and forgiveness that will lead you to a life of peace and emotional freedom.

Fitness Journal Blueprint

This course will show how journaling can be useful to achieve your fitness goals and stay on track with simple techniques.

Prompted Journal Blueprint

This course has lots of resources for you to get started and stay on track on your journal practice.

30 days Challenge

This challenge will help you incorporate journaling as a powerful habit and help you track your progress for the same. The weekly reflective tools will ensure that you have moved in the direction of your desired goals.

Meditation Journaling Blueprint

This Journal practice combines meditation and easy writing exercise which will then let your stream of consciousness flow effortlessly leading to greater insights and awareness in life.

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