What is Journaling?

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The dictionary meaning of Journal is ‘to write in a journal or diary’. That is exactly what it is. It is an unhindered, uncensored communication with yourself. It can range from two words to two pages or more. Journaling has taken as many forms, and can be easily adapted to suit different needs. It is a highly personalized tool which only needs to make sense to the person who writes it.  Your journal can be your best friend, your tracker, your to do list, your mood record and anything that you want it to be.

Journaling requires minimum investment. Most often a notebook and a pen are enough. Even a word document on your laptop/desktop can be a journal. There are many journaling applications available today for mobile and desktop. People have even tried audio and video journaling. Anywhere you can record your thoughts, experiences and feelings for yourself becomes your journal.

Power Journaling is a combination of various journal practices used with powerful self-healing exercises.

Look at the following inspirational people who practice Journaling regularly and what they have to say about it. That should be enough motivation to begin!

Famous People who journal

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